Home Inspection in Cascade, MI

For new homeowners or if you are purchasing for a second or third time in Cascade MI, Safe Harbor Home Services offers professional and thorough home inspections for your peace of mind. As an InterNACHI certified inspector and highly knowledgeable and experienced in the home construction business, we provide a detailed inspection of homes. With several certifications, tools and advanced technology we are able to provide an in-depth home inspection. You will be well informed of your potential new investment when making your decision on your purchase. Our customers are invited to join during the inspection to gain a first-hand knowledge of the home and its systems. A portion of each home inspection is donated to support Team Rubicon USA, which is a Veteran’s based disaster response group.

Your home inspection will cover the exterior and interior of the home. Including areas such as the roof, the foundation and grading of the property as well as the attic, basement, garage and major appliances. In addition, home systems such as the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC will all be examined as well. What isn’t visible with the naked eye will be examined using our thermal imaging equipment. In addition, when needed inspections can include drone inspections, radon testing, wood destroying insects inspection, mold inspection, sewer scope, 11th month warranty inspection, and home energy score. All vital information to making your decision regarding your new investment.

After the inspection, you will receive an email with in 24 hours of completion of the inspection with a thorough report. Our reports are mobile friendly for easy review. The report will cover everything that is discovered during the inspection and includes high-quality images for further explanation of any findings. Each report features a Repair Request Document generator for agent partners to allow an easy copy/paste method to arrange for repairs or concessions to the final costs. If you have any questions, we are always here to help answer any of your concerns.

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